jeudi 9 février 2017

From metal sheet to ... something better

Hello everyone,

As I said before , both front shock towers show some sign of rust so it was time to take care of it

The left front strut was the most hit by rust

but the other side was not spared :(

After some search and personnal hesitation, I found a body shop which can take care of it.
The body shop's owner has a passion for japanese sports cars and had some gold in his hands.
He was kind enough to send me pictures of every step of his work so I'll let them here.
No words needed, the pictures will do the talk :


If you want to see the other side, you can see the pictures on my google picture album (just click).

The strut towers are not the only task planned  but it will be for another post in a few weeks (when all will be done).

jeudi 4 août 2016

Adventure will go on :) (Personnal chatting and future plan)

Hi everyone,

After much thought and some up and down about the GTR, I finally decided to go on with it.

After some fixing on the exhaust line (consequence of my previous offroad adventure ath the beginning of this year), I was able to drive it again.

As foreseen, I went to "Le Mans classique" with it and enjoy the 500km ride even with my still non working aircon (Ok, I admit that it will be more pleaseant with a working one).
Concerning the event itself it was huge and full of beautiful cars but I'm must admit that I 'm always a bit sad that there is so few old japanese cars outside the "Z"

Thanks again to the Datsun france Club that allow me to take part with them

But much more that 2x500km trip that's the small rides were I enjoy the car back. What I think finally decide me is some chating with during a photoshoot we made with two members of  Okutan 102 facebook page.

Even those two guys are more honda fan, they've a lot of passion for all japanese cars. I already helped them with my two other toys ( My 1976 Mazda 818 and my daily BRZ ) and it's always a pleasure to chat with them.
So speaking with them I realize that I only focused on the weak points of my cars and forget how lucky I was to drive such a car in continental Europe.

So enough sentimental chatting, let's take a look on what we'll come next.

First : front turret rust problem. It's a well known problem of our Nissan and my car was unfortunatly not spare by it.

I'll try to find someone who could solve this AND my aircon problem in the same time during winter so I can enjoy my car fully next summer.

In the list of other jobs to do, there's also :
  1. front headlights replacement. The conversion (for LHD drive) was not perfectly done and the plastic had worn a lot inside...
  2. Find a beter/proper placement for the gauges as their actual position have too much  taste of unfinished business.
  3. Check the pressure regulator. As it's probably still the original one, I wonder if I'll go for a new OEM one (still wait news from My Nissan dealer if we could get one in EU) or directly use a BORDER(tm) Fuel delivery kit (replacing the rail in the same time). If anyone and an advice on this part, I'm listening  
Once those change will be made, I will take care of the chassis with (in mid/longterm depending of the budget):
  • replacement of all the old bushings
  • installation of front brace
  • Installation of Nismo link set front and rear
I did'nt abandon the idea of making a S-tune replica with my car but the price of those "simple pieces of plastic" vs real benefit of it made bumpers and side skirt replacement go down to the very bottom of the list.

So still a lot of things to do but decision is made to go further so  let's roll (and may be start playing lottery too :p )


samedi 23 avril 2016

Still alive ... and driving (sort of...)

Long time I didn't post here.

The 33 is still alive but I must admit that since the "Spa classic", I didn't drive it a lot.

Last summer, I let it to my brother-in-law's garage for a complete check of the underneath and treatment of some rust points (mainly on the rear section).

Then, my back problems came back and I prefer to drive more my BRZ instead.
Not really because it's a way more comfortable (it's lower, less accessible, and quite as "harsh" as the GTR) but rather beacause it's more modern (with heater seats which help a little with the back, less consumption, working airco ...), more agile and it allow me to come a way lot closer to "fun within legal limits" than with the GTR to be honnest.

To add more doubt in my mind, start of the year with the skyline was bad

Cold and wet condition with summer tyres (and possible addition of some oil on the road) and the rear decided to suddenly go first at the exit of a roundabout to end up like this.

Seeing the picture today, I realize that I had a lot of luck to be stopped by the ditch were the rear fall. Some meters sooner or later (into the small woods) and damages could be lot worse.

Mechanic wasn't affected (except a lot of mud in the exhaust), the front lip was destroyed and rear and driver car door sill need some repairs

I must admit that at this moment, I was very tempted to put it on sale as it was.
I was still in the same state of mind that in my post from october 2013 and this incident was sort of " the drop of water that has made the vase overflow"...
But after some thoughts, I decided to repair it  (at least to be able to take part at "Le Mans classic" this year) and see later what to do ...

So some weeks ago, the Skyline was finally repaired and the old front lip was replaced door a new Greddy version. 

 So it's back (in her box at least). As I said before, I intended to take part at the "Le Mans classic"  and some other events in the next few weeks but after that ...

It is a formidable car (and it allows me to meet a lot of people with some of them who became good friends) but I still have the feeling of walking on the edge with it.

I think that all the drawbacks (and to be honnest the costs/driven kilometers) are too close of overflowing the good memories it brings.

Only future will tell what will come next ...

lundi 25 mai 2015

First track

Hello all,

This week-end I had the opportunity to take the GTR for a spin on the SPa francorchamps track during the 2015 edition of Spa classics  ( More info here ).
When I speak of "take it for a spin", I didn't intend to take the expression by the word but as it was my first  "wheel on track", the risk stood there.

But besides the small spin, it was a lot of fun. I hope that I could make other track sessions later during this year.

So enough talkin, let's the video speak

P.S.: I also had the opportunity to meet a very rare machine in Europe, ancestor of my skyline

jeudi 8 janvier 2015

Work in progress

So, this year I decided to start the year with one week off to work on the skyline and begin my quest for a GT86/BRZ .

Concerning the first part (who interest us on this blog), I had planned 3 main things to do :

1) Taking off the interior on the right side. I discovered some rust around the rear right window so I decided to take care of it. To be fair I asked it to someone more competent than me but he asked me to remove the interior by myself.

Result in pictures :
First, removing the seats

Interior taken off

Traces of rust
There's more rust at the bottom ofB-pillar but I don't have taken pictures of it yet.

2) Changing High/low beam settings. The objective was to have all lights working when I asked high beam. I must admit that I chose the fastest and easier way to do it (soldiering some parts of the switch, for more info : ).
It's not elegant but it works and that's all that matter for me.

3) Testing the low pressure switch of aircon to find why my airocn pump doesn't engage. (will be done tomorrow I hope).

And that's all for this month. With rear audio and seats taken off, the car is louder and I must admit that I found ride in it less pleasant so it will stay at the garage until begin february.

P.S.: the car overtook the 20000km riding since the motor rebuilt \o/

vendredi 26 décembre 2014

Still Alive and riding

Hello everyone,

Long time I didn't post here.
The 33 still runs, I drive it here and there and meet her sisters

Nice T-shirt don't you think :) (Yes , the covering of my front lip is a bit torn :( )
R34 GTT vs R33GTR
An immaculate 32 with a true carbon front lip

So it still drive but I must admit that I was close to sell it following trouble with the injector in August.
It was not a big trouble by itself but the accumulation of trouble since the start of the project began to weight a little.
Fortunatly, I didn't find anyone interested for a reasonably price so I kept it.

So the renovation process slowly continue. I took off the front lip, remove the covering and give it to a specialist to repair and repaint it. I also took this opportunity to replace clip and screws taht hold the lip by new ones.
Something is missing here.

As rust began to appear where the front shocks damper are fixed (sorry don't know the english word for that), I asked for that being repaired too.

Goodbye rust :)
There is still some rust around the rear right window that should normally be treated in january or february. I'm a bit afraid of this part because I must take the interior by myself and I must admit that I'm bit scared to do something wrong and brake something (as skyline interior are not easy to find in Europe ... ).
We'll see, I'll try to make pictures od the "dismantling" when I'll do it.

P.S.: For Aki, mazda evolution in picture (next step, full paint, revised motor and custom inox exhaust).

Edit: Bonus image as we had some snow in Belgium for the last week-end of 2014

dimanche 15 décembre 2013

Winter is coming ...

… and my OEM wheels came back from painting, with their Nokian tires (and the new center caps I bought some months ago).

In my father's garage, waiting to be clean up ...
After a (very) quick wash, in the winter last daylight.
In my last post, i was talking about pursuing the upgrade of the skyline or buying an "oldie" aside.
Since then I thought more and more about it and then came the opportunity to buy a 1976 Mazda 818 coupé (known as "Grand Familia" in Japan, 808 in US, ...) in very good condition.

My new toy. A 1976 Mazda 818 Coupé "Deluxe".
Thanks to my friend Eric for the picture.
So I took it : I didn't want to miss such an opportunity to find a clean old japanese car.
On the european market, it is everyday more difficult for a reasonable budget to find a pearl like that.

I will keep the skyline but i think that I'm done with upgrade/modification part .
Now that the car is stable from a mechanic point of view, I just want to enjoy it (and replace/renewed the older/most worn parts).

Some hours ago, in the already black night, I was quietly driving back to my flat, listening the soundtrack of Format67's documentary "We write the streets". 
The blue lights from the dashboard (again thanks to AKI for the idea) and gauges were slighty glowing in the car and I thought "That's it".

 It's difficult to explain but this simple moment was one of those which nearly erase all the difficulties that happened before.

I really do appreciate sport cars (as photographic subject and from a technical point of view) and I still want to test my R33 on a track but I'm not sure that I will really appreciate it so much.

Of course, speed and power are generally the first thought that comes at mind, when you look at documentaries such "We write the streets" or internet sites as "Speedhunters", but you can also just enjoy the car for what it is and the whole story within it.

As I already said it before; I was not a huge fan of the Skyline at first. It was, for me, just a rare (on european scene) japanese sport car. That’s all. 
But, after all the time I spent working on it, it slowly became my car (and not just "a" car).
Even if I didn't exploit it to its maximum potential, I appreciate being behind the wheel and that's all that matter.

For those who did'nt know Format67 yet, I recommand Daniel Michaelis's channel on you tube :
And the soundtrack I was talking about:!/album/We+Write+The+Streets+Part+2+Soundtrack/8611046