jeudi 8 janvier 2015

Work in progress

So, this year I decided to start the year with one week off to work on the skyline and begin my quest for a GT86/BRZ .

Concerning the first part (who interest us on this blog), I had planned 3 main things to do :

1) Taking off the interior on the right side. I discovered some rust around the rear right window so I decided to take care of it. To be fair I asked it to someone more competent than me but he asked me to remove the interior by myself.

Result in pictures :
First, removing the seats

Interior taken off

Traces of rust
There's more rust at the bottom ofB-pillar but I don't have taken pictures of it yet.

2) Changing High/low beam settings. The objective was to have all lights working when I asked high beam. I must admit that I chose the fastest and easier way to do it (soldiering some parts of the switch, for more info : ).
It's not elegant but it works and that's all that matter for me.

3) Testing the low pressure switch of aircon to find why my airocn pump doesn't engage. (will be done tomorrow I hope).

And that's all for this month. With rear audio and seats taken off, the car is louder and I must admit that I found ride in it less pleasant so it will stay at the garage until begin february.

P.S.: the car overtook the 20000km riding since the motor rebuilt \o/

3 commentaires:

  1. Nice! What are you using to fix the rust? Thanks for taking care of your baby!

    1. Hello Aki,

      Many month later (sorry), I got an answer.
      Following the guy who did the job, they sanded it down manually, treat it with phosphoric acid and then cover the whole with some epoxy.
      It seems taht the glass was already replaced before but without paying attention to the correct sealing :(.
      That problem is fixed but my brother-in-law said me that the underfloor was very rusty so the same procedure (sanding, phosphoric aci treatment then epoxy) should be applied for the bottom begin June.
      I'll try to make some pictures to illustrate that later ;).

  2. I don't like seeing that rust so treating it before it does to much damage is something normal for me ;) (and "easier" to solve than electronic or aircon trouble for me)
    Concerning the rust treatment, I must admit that I don't know.
    I'll let the work to a professional but I can ask him what he use if you want .
    When I treat the " brake discs" (the part where the wheel comes actually),
    I used a brush to clean the surface, some acid - 3 or 4 hours waiting to "passivate" , rince with water, dry it and then paint it.
    I presume that the principle will be the same for the bodywork but with more professional product and method.