mercredi 19 septembre 2012

The RB26 is back...

So today, I took back the RB26 from the first motor specialist (and I now can say that you could put a RB26 in a 2000 Toyota Corolla :p) .

But this is not yet the end  because the lower engine (with the NISMO flywheel ) should leave again soon to another motor specialist for balancing.
Only then we can start reassembling the giant lego.
Hope that I can give other news soon .

samedi 15 septembre 2012

One step further

 Hello eveybody

Pour les francophones, je vous invite à suivre mon sujet sur le forum skyline passion :
ou sur Japan car :
Par facilité, je ne posterai plus qu'en anglais ici (sauf tuto éventuel).

As I already post on multiple forums in french, i will continue in English here.
So english  readers, don't hesitate to correct me if i make some mistakes.

So back to business :
Since last time, there was some evolution on the  part "motor".
I nearly received all the needed parts so the professional part of the rebuild had been launched.
Once balancing of the crankshaft will be achieved, the DIY part (with a lot of help from my brother in law to be honest) could start.

So in the meantime, I finished the installation of the amplifier (see below)

I must admit that there must have a more clean way to do it but as it will be hidden in the boot, if it works, that will be enough for me.

I also received some "non essential" parts but they will add some fun touch to the car:

-) Nismo Gauges and submeter (and some blue LEDs lights for it). / mounted today in the car

-) Mine's triple flow cam cover baffle plate / Mounted today in the covers 

-) Some more Nismo stuff and more led's

That's all for today. I hope that I could came back next month with pictures of the rebuild.

Thanks for reading