jeudi 18 avril 2013

A week of mechanical

Hello everyone,

Last week my brother-in-law let me access his garage and tools for a week to work on the 33.
Let's go with what have been done during this week :

1) Painting the center of brake discs 
Mines had a rusty aspect that was not very beautiful so i decided to change that.

Brake disc before
Brake disc after treatment and painting

2) Installing NISMO carbon pillar garnish

I had those since a long time but didn't had time to install it. Now it's done and that will fit perfectly with the future aesthetic change that I imagine.

3) Oil, Gearbox oil and front transferbox oil change.

4) Replacing of the OEM turbo outlet pipe with TOMEI ones 
One of the toughest job because those pipe are not the most accessible part in the car.
I had to remove all the intakes part and need to disconnect the rear turbo to gain some space to work.
Admission out, rear turbo disconnected and OEM outlet pipe down
The second problem was that I realised to late that the pipes I received were R34 one's (TOMEI has two reference 421201for R34 and 421101 for R32/33).
The problem is that I had a reprogrammed 32 ECU with 32 sensors (to allow me to drive with SP98 that we found in Europe). Those sensors don't have the same dimension than 33/34 ones.
As I don't have time to exchange the pipes or order adaptators for 32, we were forced to do some welding to modify the pipes I had.
I felt really sorry to modify such perfect parts but I thank the welder who works with my brother-in-law to allow me to go further.

Modified TOMEI outlet pipe
5) Cleaning the front strut bar
No picture, just give a little refreshment to the bar and put a new "skyline GTR" sticker on it. 

6) Replacing the OEM 17" wheels with my 18" ones
As the winter is finally gone, I decided to come back to the 18" wheels with "summer" tires

I nearly done all what I planned to do but i must admit that there were some moments when I curse myself from wanting to do it (nearly) by myself (i'm not mechanical at all for remembrance)
Anyway, the job is finally done and I think I don't will make any other "big work" on the car before a while (except solving my airbag/horn trouble and finding someone to install a boost controller).

Next step: a few cosmetic changes. More photos early May I hope.

Thanks for reading