dimanche 20 octobre 2013

Some thoughts about the future

Hi everyone,

Some news about the car itself :
  • The OEM wheels had been repainted and received new OEM center cap for the winter. (picture when the car will come back in winter mode)
  • The oil relocation kit is back with more reliable fastening system. 
  • There's still has some tiny oil leakage in the system to be checked (though, the oil level stay  stable)
  • I didn't have find yet why my air conditionning isn't working (There's gas in the system and the ECU send the order)
  • Sealing of ATTESA system (near the gearbox) still need some checking and renewal.
  • I still have to put thermal tape on elbows and te downpipe.
So, the car is fine and rides well but ther's still some work to do to make it back to a clean state.

Since my last post, i have the opportunity to take part in a large meeting organised by a french magazine dedicated to japanese cars ( Autoworks : http://www.autoworks-mag.net/ ).
There also was a round of the French championship drift and i must admit that it was great to see that.
I hope that i can see more rounds next year (so some road trip in sight given where the rounds took places).

Anyway, back to my car,  here's some pictures taken during the event that I found on the web.
Courtesy of Arret sur garage

Courtesy of "MAT photography" 
Courtesy of "All cars photography"

Now that the meetings season is nearly done, it's time to wonder a little about the future.
When I first decided to bought a skyline it was more to have something different from the rest of the european automotive scene rather than because i was a skyline fan.
From this point of view, it is a succes when you see how people react when they see the car.
I must admit that some reactions still surprised me even if i'm aware that the skyline is pretty rare in Europe.
On the other side with the biggest problems solved, I start to realise that such great could be this car, it's very difficult to take pleasure with it on the open roads that i have without exceeding legal speed limits.
Compare to my ex old mini, it's a very frustrating situation.
Given the time and money that i put into it, i will keep it some years (still have to do some road triping with it) but i'm still wonder what to do next :
  1. Just fixing the last problems and drive it like it is (more as a GT for long road trips) and maybe looking for a japanese oldtimer car for fun on open road.
  2. Continuing with equipping it with more fancy stuff (oil radiator, metal water radiator, NISMO suspension parts, etc ...) .
I don't have any answers right now. I think that some tests on a closed track would be needed to take a decision.

So as they say