samedi 31 août 2013

Some last issues and first mountainous ride

 Hello everyone
Long time i didn't post anything new here.
So since last time, the boost controller, gauges and NISMO carpets were installed:
Gauges installed :
AFR one replace the ash tray 
Greddy one (oil, water, EGT) replace the right vent (but still need some cosmetic adaptation)

Some week after that i must go to the annual "technical check" mandatory in Belgium.
The car was rejected because the CO percentage was to high.
After replacing the sensors and the catalyst (by a sport one with 76mm entry and exit), the problem was still there.

The new "sport" catalyst and mounting of AFR and EGT sensor

After some internet research and help from an french skyline owner, i found the origin of the problem. As I choose a "generic" mapped 32 ECU for SP98 use instead of full mapping, there was some conflict with the R33 harness.
Eventually, the solution was pretty simple (two wires to switch on one sensor and a link between two pin to make on the ECU). (fro more details, see : See also : )

Situation before and after the mods.
I know that remapping or not for SP98 is always source of conflict in the european GTR owners community and ok may be I didn't choose the best way to solve it but I didn't (and still don't) have a unlimited budget so I could'nt afford a "new" motor and a full appropriate mapping.
Remapped 32 ECU seems the best and fastest way at the time.

Anyway, problem solved, technical check OK, i eventually can enjoy riding my 33.

So last week-end I decided to take a right south to make a visit to some friends in Alsace and enjoy the mountainous roads there.

As it was a first one for me and the weather was not the brightest one (it was literally a drive into the clouds some times), it was a very calm ride .
Anyway, I enjoyed this "first mountainous" experience et hope that i could do it again with better weather next year.
Monument on "Le vieil Armand" dedicated to the memory of the soldiers who fought and died during WWI.

My passenger of the day and my 33 in the clouds near the top of "Le grand ballon d'Alsace"
Seems that I was not the only one who wants to enjoy a drive that day.
Out of the clouds and on the road down to the town of  Guebwiller