samedi 5 octobre 2019

Still driving


Long time not posted anything, the car is still alive.

Refreshing still continue , some Hicas parts were replaced

New one vs Old done

There's still some other parts waiting for refreshing the rear  (Nismo silent block and Spoon rigid collars ) . I recently add Nismo rear Lower A-arm and upper link in the waiting parts following some remarks made during the annual mandatory technical controle.

If all goes well ( if my mechanics is available) the rear subframe will be taken out this winter, sanded,repainted and equipped with all the waiting parts for 2020.

In the meantime, I still drove it here and there:

At Spa with some friends during the meeting organised by "Les bruleurs de gommes"

From Left to right : R33 GTST, Toyota Supra, R33GTR and Mazda RX8

At Montlhéry (not far from Paris) for the second edition of the Japan car festival.
In France seeing more than 2 or three skyline side by side is pretty rare so it was a cool meeting from this point of view :)

Not a common sight on continental Europe

God, I love those wheels ^^

And then again back to Spa for the annual "Spa classic" event. As every year I joined the guys of the Datsun club (and being 50 years of the datsun Z, there was a lot of them :) ) .

At spa classic with members of  Datsun club

Last GTR and its older cousin Datsun 510

Skyline or not? In europe, it was sold as Datsun 240k.

That's all for today, let's hpe the next post will be in less than 2 years.