samedi 23 avril 2016

Still alive ... and driving (sort of...)

Long time I didn't post here.

The 33 is still alive but I must admit that since the "Spa classic", I didn't drive it a lot.

Last summer, I let it to my brother-in-law's garage for a complete check of the underneath and treatment of some rust points (mainly on the rear section).

Then, my back problems came back and I prefer to drive more my BRZ instead.
Not really because it's a way more comfortable (it's lower, less accessible, and quite as "harsh" as the GTR) but rather beacause it's more modern (with heater seats which help a little with the back, less consumption, working airco ...), more agile and it allow me to come a way lot closer to "fun within legal limits" than with the GTR to be honnest.

To add more doubt in my mind, start of the year with the skyline was bad

Cold and wet condition with summer tyres (and possible addition of some oil on the road) and the rear decided to suddenly go first at the exit of a roundabout to end up like this.

Seeing the picture today, I realize that I had a lot of luck to be stopped by the ditch were the rear fall. Some meters sooner or later (into the small woods) and damages could be lot worse.

Mechanic wasn't affected (except a lot of mud in the exhaust), the front lip was destroyed and rear and driver car door sill need some repairs

I must admit that at this moment, I was very tempted to put it on sale as it was.
I was still in the same state of mind that in my post from october 2013 and this incident was sort of " the drop of water that has made the vase overflow"...
But after some thoughts, I decided to repair it  (at least to be able to take part at "Le Mans classic" this year) and see later what to do ...

So some weeks ago, the Skyline was finally repaired and the old front lip was replaced door a new Greddy version. 

 So it's back (in her box at least). As I said before, I intended to take part at the "Le Mans classic"  and some other events in the next few weeks but after that ...

It is a formidable car (and it allows me to meet a lot of people with some of them who became good friends) but I still have the feeling of walking on the edge with it.

I think that all the drawbacks (and to be honnest the costs/driven kilometers) are too close of overflowing the good memories it brings.

Only future will tell what will come next ...