dimanche 18 novembre 2012

Some news

Long time i didn't write something here. So let's correct this.

The rebuilding of the motor goes on, so far following parts are (re)installed:
  • N1 oil pump
  • N1 water pump
  • TOMEI Triple cam cover baffle plate
  • Intake
  • Nismo lightweight flywheel
  • Nismo sports clutch disc (coppermix)
  • Nismo oil cap
  • ...
 And the gearbox is also reconnected to the motor.
That leave the exhaust/turbo side still to do before we could put the whole lot in the car.

After some thinking, i decided to order a Trust Greddy(tm) Grex oil relocation system as i've seen that even with motor out of the car, the oil filter is not very accessible.

Normally, i will receive it next week so we can place it before placing the motor back in the car.

In the meantime, i found a V-spec (non A-LSD) rear diff' with half mileage of my actual so i bought it, give it some paint refreshment and installed it on the car.
I also gave some paint refreshment to the rear chassis bars and stabilizer as replacement with NISMO ones are not foreseen before next year.

If all goes well, first start will be during second week of december. Fingers crossed.

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