vendredi 26 décembre 2014

Still Alive and riding

Hello everyone,

Long time I didn't post here.
The 33 still runs, I drive it here and there and meet her sisters

Nice T-shirt don't you think :) (Yes , the covering of my front lip is a bit torn :( )
R34 GTT vs R33GTR
An immaculate 32 with a true carbon front lip

So it still drive but I must admit that I was close to sell it following trouble with the injector in August.
It was not a big trouble by itself but the accumulation of trouble since the start of the project began to weight a little.
Fortunatly, I didn't find anyone interested for a reasonably price so I kept it.

So the renovation process slowly continue. I took off the front lip, remove the covering and give it to a specialist to repair and repaint it. I also took this opportunity to replace clip and screws taht hold the lip by new ones.
Something is missing here.

As rust began to appear where the front shocks damper are fixed (sorry don't know the english word for that), I asked for that being repaired too.

Goodbye rust :)
There is still some rust around the rear right window that should normally be treated in january or february. I'm a bit afraid of this part because I must take the interior by myself and I must admit that I'm bit scared to do something wrong and brake something (as skyline interior are not easy to find in Europe ... ).
We'll see, I'll try to make pictures od the "dismantling" when I'll do it.

P.S.: For Aki, mazda evolution in picture (next step, full paint, revised motor and custom inox exhaust).

Edit: Bonus image as we had some snow in Belgium for the last week-end of 2014

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  1. Very nice! So glad you kept the car... you have to remember these cars are now 20 years old so a bit of trouble can be expected.... As for the Mazda, wow! Looking forward to seeing both cars refreshed soon! Happy New Year mon ami!

    1. 私の友人ありがとう (if google translate is right).
      Best 2015 wishes for you too and your family (and a lot of R33 adventures).
      Concerning my GTR, I try to drive it as much I can now and simply enjoyed wandering ont the road with it (even with snow, see last picture added above :) ).
      As I decided that this year will be full of road-triping, pictures and cars (probably included a GT86/BRZ as daily drive, after all we only had a life), I hope to come with a little more updates to this blog than in 2014 (and more picture oriented than technical trouble ones :) ).