jeudi 9 février 2017

From metal sheet to ... something better

Hello everyone,

As I said before , both front shock towers show some sign of rust so it was time to take care of it

The left front strut was the most hit by rust

but the other side was not spared :(

After some search and personnal hesitation, I found a body shop which can take care of it.
The body shop's owner has a passion for japanese sports cars and had some gold in his hands.
He was kind enough to send me pictures of every step of his work so I'll let them here.
No words needed, the pictures will do the talk :


If you want to see the other side, you can see the pictures on my google picture album (just click).

The strut towers are not the only task planned  but it will be for another post in a few weeks (when all will be done).

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