vendredi 10 mai 2013

Aesthetic change

Some weeks ago, I bought a 1/18 autoart R33 S-tune and I thought that it could be a nice inspiration to complete the look of my 1/1 model.

So I look for some specialists to realise this idea.
I found one ( )  not far from home and after some phone and mail exchanges, we agree on a project.

And here is the result.

Autoart R33 S-tune 1/18 and my R33 1/1
My 33 project from rear left
My 33 project from front right
I still have a "Format67" to place to finish it but it's almost done. I must say, i'm really happy with this project. It gives the car a nicer look without being "too much".
May be some people will think that the look doesn't completely match the performance but I'm happy with the result.
What do you think?

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