dimanche 17 mars 2013

Kakimoto exhaust installed


So last Friday I received a package from Japan (thanks to Suruga performance for that)

So my new exhaust arrived with some other useful things (new Nissan coils and harness EGI, some Gaskets  and the Tomeï outlet turbos pipes) to comeback on the road.

As I was on holiday and my brother-in-law had some place in his garage for me to work, I didn't wait and change my coils, harness and the spark plugs immediately (ok, actually, it took me 2 hours but i'm far from being a mechanic).

Result : the misfires were gone \o/.
I didn't stop there and replace my Japspeed(tm) exhaust with the Kakimoto(tm) R one.
The mid-silencer section of the Kakimoto R exhaust

End section of the Kakimoto R (still with his protective sheet)
Beside being a beautiful piece (from my point of view), this new exhaust with his mid silencer is really quieter than the Japseed. 
What a change! And a good one.

As the misfires were gone, I was able to tack my car back even if I must still replace the turbo outlet pipes. It was a real pleasure to drive it again.
Next step, replacement of the turbo pipes during second week of april.
I'll try to make some pictures of the work.

To end this post, two shots of my precious (:p) after a quick wash (it needs it ...).

2 commentaires:

  1. Sounds fantastic! Nicely done!

    1. Thank you (seems that i finally found a way to answer).
      I hope that the replacement of the turbo outlet pipes will go as smoothly so I can start with the "cosmetic" part.